Greece are Pretty Slippery Customers

For a country that are deemed as being pretty instrumental to the finical crisis, they aren’t half shy about dictating the rules of how they pay back their debt. Are they not fans of quantitative easing?

The economy minister for Greece spoke this morning to Sarah Montague on the Today Programme about their refusal to make their payment to the

Sarah Montague: “Let’s be clear, you have the money to pay it, you’ve just chosen not to do so?”

George Stathakis: “That is correct.”

The arrogance is astounding. It’s like falling down a whole and when a team come to rescue you, you tell them, “Hang on. Can you get me out in an hour, I’ve just started a new level on Candy Crush.

Their reason for delaying the payment has been hard to deduce. Suspected disagreements with the IMF are said to be why they haven’t paid. I can’t help but wonder, if they weren’t too happy with the T&C’s, why didn’t they go to another company. There are loads of payday loan companies out there. There’s QuickQuid, Sunny, Pounds to Pocket, Wonga. You should always shop around Greece!

It is the first time that a Developed country has missed a payment back to its creditors. Not to fear though, it’s only a missed payment of €300m – it’s not like those ball breaking fines you’d get from Blockbuster if you forgot to return a DVD. Plus they have assured everyone that they will make all of the payments by the end of month when the total balance will be €1.6bn.

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