Pageant – 10th August, London Irish Centre

This show stars 6 beautiful contestants and one vivacious host. It’s a comedy musical which heel toe’s you through the most glamorous beauty pageant this year at the Fringe. Tuck yourself in – they sure have – because this show puts the “Gents” in Pageants.
The set is grotesquely fabulous and the same can be said for the host. The contestants are shimmering, radiant and pruned. The whole look of the show is glitzy and dazzling from the costume to make-up. However, the real wow factor is in the substance of talent. Half a dozen men in dresses is comedy fail-safe. This show surpasses the cross-dressing pit-fall of just getting laughs from visuals alone. The writing sharp and brimming with wit. I would even go as far as to say that there is even a “best joke of the fringe” in there – it’s about the back-stage dresser.
The show has a lovely pace and each contestant has their moment to illuminate a room. Every character has depth and distinction. From an interpretive dance to a  tap dancing cowgirl, each round  cements their individually. The musical elements aid the pace and the live piano and percussion maintain make lovely accompaniment to the on stage drama.
As an audience you are part of the show, and even part of the outcome. It’s inclusive and enthralling theatre.


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