Man Tries to Charge His Phone on Set of a Broadway Show

Man fails and man is stupid.

Perhaps this needs to some clarification… Or not. That heading does a pretty fine job of summing it all up. Audience members and cast of the Broadway show ‘Hand to God’ when a theatre goer smashed through the fourth wall and attempted to charge his phone using a plug socket on the set. The main issue being, apart from the blatant rudeness, the socket wasn’t real.

Of course it is frustrating when you run out of battery on your phone at the theatre. For example, if this actress, who was performing in the show, didn’t have battery on their phone, how would they have let the world know what was going on in real time.

Online theatre publication ‘Playbill’ confirmed the story which took place during the performance on the 2nd of July. The man is understood to have tried to charge it during pre-show prelude as audience members were taking their seats.

It reported that the stage crew then had to stop the music and make the announcement as to why audience members should refrain from trying to charge their phones on set. As if it even had to be said.

This wasn’t the first time however that Broadway has had to make an example of an idiot with a mobile phone. In 2012, Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig were stopped mid performance as their show, A Steady Rain, was interrupted by a ringing phone. Fortunately, both Jackman and Craig were able to remain in character and adlib as they asked the culprit, “Do you want to get that?”

I once choked on a drumstick lolly whilst at the cinema watching Die Another Day. I struggled to breath for a while and It got quite serious. Then a did a rather large burp and then equilibrium was restored. Everyone else was disgusted but I was peachy.

So that was mine – now what was your most embarrassing moment as an audience member?

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