Not The First Boy to Fall For Maria Sharapova…

I don’t think I could ever be a ball boy. I’m quite poor at throwing and even worse catching. Plus, I have that incurable inability to pick something up off of the floor on the first attempt. I do that horrible bump and bounce as it pick things up off the floor.

With that being said, I like to think that I have relative coordination with my feet. I can do a pretty mean Two Step and my moon walk isn’t too shabby. But then again, everyone can moon walk… Oh that’s right, no they cant so stop pretending world! So if I can successfully navigate a dance floor and not look like a total doof, then I like to think I have control over my lower limbs. More than this poor guy anyway.


The video was taken from when Sharapova played Carla Suarez Navarro back In May. The 28-year-old went on to beat her opponent in Rome so it’s good to know that incident didn’t effect her match in any way. Apparently not even enough to ask if he was alright.

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