It’s the Shawshank Escape but with Power Tools

Two prisoners, both convicted of murder, have escaped from the penitentiary in New York.

The men are said to have used power tools to cut their way through the back of their cell. They then use the tools to break through steel walls before navigating their way out of a maze of steel pipes.

The pair were first noticed as missing during bed checks. A manhunt is now underway by FBI, local and state police officers and blockades have been set up in the surrounding area which includes residential streets.

Not only did the pair use power tools which are likely to have caused a lot of noise, but they also had time to leave a little note for officials to find.

con pic

There is something very peculiar about the image. This is not confirmed in any of the information currently given, but the image could be a clue. You have to question it, why would they just do a regular smiley face?  Why would they create such a strange image?

Maybe this is a logo for their new business and they wanted to get some great exposure for their brand?

All I’m saying is this, if it comes out later that the image was a clue in some way, remember who said it first.

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