Creative Pieces


Creative people struggle to take criticism on their work. Luckily, everything I write is fantastic so I don’t get angry at people.

About the Chronicles of Ridiculousness

I set myself the task of writing a publication for commuters in London. Everyone I saw on their way to work looked quite downbeat and lackluster. So, I wrote and printed my one-page-publication, stood out side Derry Street in Central London and handed them out to commuters on their way to work. My mission statement was to give every commuter who picked up a copy of my publication one smile before they got to work.

Chronicles of Ridiculousness – Issue #1 (PDF)

Chronicles of Ridiculousness – Issue #2 – PDF

About The Arnus

The Arnus was a blog that I started as a satirical antithesis to the current local news paper for Brighton and Hove, The Argus. The blog posts were written and traditional articles however the content was fictional. The places were all real areas within Brighton and Hove.

Sussex Man Thinks He’s Quacked It

All Boules Behind The Bid

Ready to Cause a Flap: Seagull Museum Opens

Rockers Band from Brighton

Money for Old Rocks

No More Dice for Kid’s Casino

New Digital Face of the Brighton Clock Tower

Are Brighton Gritter Lorries Made of the Right Stuff?

Hove Park Smell Leaves Residents Whiffed Off

Putting Brighton in Perfume Bottle

Rollin’ Into Retirement

Public Outrage! Brighton Declares Makeup Free Zones

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