A White Tiger Kills a Man, But Would You Kill a Unicorn?

Heavy rainfall has lead to mass flooding in the Georgian city of Tbilisi.

The amount of water has been so overwhelming that entire buildings have been destroyed. The most concerning damage has been done to a local zoo where enclosures have been destroyed leaving some animals dead and others left to wander the city.

This has meant amidst the clean-up operation for the residents of the city, there is the added danger for the animals who are roaming free. The danger not only concerns the welfare of the animals but also the safety for the people who are now at risk of animal attacks.

It is thought that 19 people have been killed and reports suggest that nearly half of the 600 animals once held are now dead.


Today, a man has been killed by an escaped white tiger. The tiger has subsequently also been killed by authorities.  The man, who was 43, was worker in the warehouse where the animal had been held up. Upon entering the warehouse the tiger leapt down on top of the man, biting him on the back of the neck and killing him.

The tiger that they killed was a white tiger. White tigers are an endangered species and it is thought that there are only around 200 left in the world. So here’s a perplexing, hypothetical dilemma for you to salivate over.

If a Unicorn – the only unicorn in the entire world – had just killed your colleague, would you hunt it down and kill it?

Go on, decide. It’s still the got the blood on its horn. You see it there ahead of you. You have a rifle. What do you do? What do you do?

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