Crunchy Nut have found their New Commercial

The following video contains a cyclist, a 4×4 and a bowl of cereal. There are two dangers in this video but can you spot it?

Lots of drivers, including myself, are perpetrators the similarly dangerous activities. Fiddling about with a SatNav or thumbing your dial through radio stations. I once opened a troublesome sandwich packet while driving. Afterwards, I did stop to think about the amount of time my eyes were spent off the road. It may only be two to three seconds, but that can equate to a long distance of unseen road – especially on motor ways. And extended stretches of unaccounted-for roads could easily lead to serious accidents.


With such a dangerous act, it’s difficult to defend it. However, in an effort to draw a balanced argument, if she was eating Crunchy Nut, she can’t be blamed – They are ‘Ludicrously Tasty.’

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