Daniel Simonsen – 8th August, Bill Murray Pub

Daniel has two shows at the fringe this year. One is a written ensemble, the other is this one. His improvised show, No Net. There’s no structure, and no direction. It’s just a Norwegian navigating through his conscious comedy thoughts.

Daniel is awkwardly endearing. His stage presence is robotic with moments where he goes hilariously haywire. He brings the audience along this awkward journey and makes frequent reference to how things are going on stage – even if that is an admission of feeling lost. However, this feeling of being lost is actually also what keeps the show alive. Daniel creates this feeling that “we’re all in this together – even if it’s painful sometimes.” He lugs us though the show and we’re willing him to do so with encouragement every step of the way.

Where this show falls down is the aforementioned unstructured, improv style. It’s not traditional improv where there is a reaction to unscripted stimulus. This is more a case of Daniel recalling memories and thoughts with the hope that there is something funny in there. And for the first 30 minutes, it sort of works.

It’s a very hit or miss show (by his own admission) where even the misses cause an odd sense of hysteria.


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