The Po Po Know Boy Better Know

It is probably fair to say that police and grime are not a natural pairing. However, that’s not to say that opposites don’t work. At some point in the early nineties, someone decided to put a muscled up body builder with a think Austrian accent in a Hollywood movie about a kindergarten class and that worked out quite well…

The following video depicts what happened when urban music star, JME, notices a police van circle back to him after they notice the 30-year-old musician sitting in the driver seat of his car.

However, JME – who performed this weekend and the weekend before at Wireless festival 2015 alongside brother and founding member of the Boy Better Know label, Skepta – didn’t get the response he was expecting. So unexpected was the encounter that JME couldn’t even find the words to finish the video – just a laugh and a smile.

However, in another one of his video’s, the Hackney born rapper appears to be stopped for no reason by police. Upon further investigation to uncover why he was stopped, the police were unable to give him a good reason – though they were very polite about it.

Perhaps if the police officer in this situation had heard the Integrity album, she wouldn’t have needed to say, “I don’t know you.” Instead, I like to think that the conversation would have gone more like this…

JME: I wanted to know why I was stopped today

Female officer: The thing is, we’re doing a GAR operation today. That’s a Grime Artist Recognition today. I just wanted to be sure the vehicle belonged to JME before I stopped to ask if you’ll sign my album.

JME: Ok, what did it say?

Female Officer: It said…

[Officer reads the message that comes up.]

“Vehicle driver is taking over the Grime game legally. Officers are advised to remain calm and approach with respect. If any members of the public, woman or man, don’t care for his music, it important that they be made aware of its importance immediately.  He may on his way to work, or on his way to a gig or concert – these are likely to be the same thing. Any of the money he has with him is most likely to be his and has not been generated by supplying or dealing illegal substances.

Proceed to ask him for his autograph and do not give 96 F**Kries what other officers think.”

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