Rhys James: Wiseboy – The Pleasance Courtyard, 17th August

Rhy’s 2017 Edinburgh show, Wiseboy, is an hour of genuinely funny gags and material. The title is very apt. It’s a mature set and for someone who is mid-twenties, middle-class with medium length hair, his comedy is certainly top drawer.

It’s my first time seeing Rhys and having first come via Twitter, where his tweets are some of the sharpest on in the twitter-sphere, I was keen to see what this chap was like live. He doesn’t disappoint. He gags are reflex, effortless, and with precision timing. He crafts jokes. His rehearsal of them is evident. It’s a beautiful marriage of timing and wit.

The audio features of his set are music to the ears (or speech to the ears if he’s using cuts of conversation.) His accompanying visuals and sound are complimentary to his set in this show. They intertwine with his live, on-stage act in a way that many comic would love to achieve.

The only drawback to the show I saw was all out of James’ control. A few people shouting out and someone getting up to leave about a third of the way through his set. More accurately, 26 minutes. It slightly disrupts the flow of his performances. The only reason I mention it is because these disruptions highlight the precision of his show. His jokes are engineered finely tuned. Any kink in his production line of jokes makes a jolt in the rhythm and thus affects the performance.

Who wants to be perfect anyway, ey Rhys?



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