Take the test. Would you survive in Jurassic World?

The Jurassic World film released was released in the UK today. It’s one of those survival films where you cant help but ask the question of yourself and others, would you be able to survive in Jurassic World?

Would you become a Velocir-appetiser? Would you get your stegosaur-ass handed to you?… Oh come on, I’m giving you dinosaur puns you’ve never heard-bivore. Pow! That pun just snuck up on you. If you didn’t see that coming, how are you going to out run a dinosaur?

dino pic 2

Answer these 10 questions honestly and let’s see how you’ll do.

  • Are you one of those people who, ‘just can’t sit still?’

Yes / No

  • Do you waft your own farts?

Yes / No

  • Are you selfless?

Yes / No

  • When something dramatic happens, is your first instinct to send a snapchat?

Yes / No

  • If you are asked to name the funniest thing that has happened to you this year, does it involve you being drunk?

Yes / No

  • Did you watch the last Jurassic Park film and think, “I could survive that.”

Yes / No

  • Have you ever twisted your ankle? Ever?

Yes / No

  • Did you do get your Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award and think, “I’m pretty much Rambo now?”

Yes / No

  • Have you spent longer than 20 seconds thinking about the answers in this test?

Yes / No

  • Have you ever fought a bear? (If you haven’t fought a bear how the f**k are you going to face a dinosaur?)

Yes / No

Thank you for completing this test.

Please now count up how many ‘Yes’ answers you have.

If you have any, you would die.

Thank you for playing.

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