“It’s a bit like rearing a puppy that you know you’ll have to give back…”

Confused? You should be.

Are you looking for an internship at NBCUniversal International? Or are you just curious about the how this relates to puppy rearing?

The title of this article is the analogy I have given to the question, “What is it like to be an Intern at NBCUni International?” This is just my personal opinion and is not endorsed by NBCUni, but let me explain where I’m coming from…

Take that first whiff…

Starting as an intern with one of the largest media brands in the world is an incredible feeling. It has that fresh puppy smell and all you want to do is put your face in it and take a big sniff. But sniffing dogs is a little strange and, similarly, the extensive sniffing of your new employer or company is also ‘frowned upon’. However, you still want to immerse yourself into your new fascination. What projects can you get involved with? What skills can you learn? What makes the corporate tail wag? No matter what your placement is or where in the business you find yourself, you’re excitable – you have something incredible in front of you.

Then you remember the dog is going back to the kennel in 12 months time…

After your initial excitement has calmed and you fall into a routine, the realisation that you only have a limited amount of time to soak everything up dawns on you. This is not a bad feeling, but it is one that makes you appreciate the experience you have been afforded. Your aim is to build the best connection you can and learn all that there is to know about your new intrigue. Similarly, you want to show off everything that has got you to this position. If you’re in Finance, IT, Marketing, HR, Distribution, Production or any other field, you want to show it all over thos 6-12 months you have.

Soon, you learn the tricks…

Eventually – after hard work, effort and patience – you start to learn the ropes. The first time your dog gives you it’s paw is thrilling! As in intern, you are there to learn and to be rewarded for your diligence. Your degree (or the first part of your degree or education) has given part of the knowledge – now you can implement it and build upon what you already know. NBCUniversal is there to help you and give you feed back along the way. Of course, your dog can’t talk, but if it ever does I suggest filming it and putting it on Youtube. I hear that sort of thing is very popular online…

Along the way, you meet other people and their dogs…

Through your journey you will encounter other people who are looking after different breeds. Your internship maybe PR for SYFY, but then you might meet someone who is doing Research for CNBC or Tech ops for E! This is a really important part of your journey and one that is encouraged by NBCUniversal. Using their internal communication system you can easily connect with anyone and everyone in the business. Alongside this, there are regular Intern events facilitated by NBCUni to further promote this interaction. You have the opportunity to ask your fellow intern, “What are  you feeding your dog to give it such a glossy coat?”

And ultimately, you want to form the best connection you can with your dog…

Over the course of your time as an intern, you have the opportunity to form a positive connection with your hound. Yes, the dog has to go back at the end, but by that point you’ll want to have have built such a loyal companionship that your mutt will remember your scent even when you part ways. It is true that there is no guarantee you will be able to walk into a full time position, but a good reputation and mutual respect will carry you a long way. NBCUniversal, though a global company, is very well connected to each of its sub-strand brands and platforms. A good reputation, as was outlined to us, can lead to you being refereed for roles from your work as an intern. In the best case scenario, you will have such a close bond that if another dog, or even a cat, comes sniffing around your crotch looking for attention, your dog will come a-barking and scare them off.

My dog is called CNBC – It’s fantastic! We’re getting along really well. We have regular checkups to make sure everything is healthy and I’m picking up more and more as we go along.

My favorite thing about being an intern at CNBC has to be this… Plain and simple.


Here are other some of the other interns favorite things…

Now you’re in the know, why not see what opportunities await you at NBCUniversal International?

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