7 Historic Images That Represent Brits On Holiday

The British summer time is fast approaching. The work rate decreases as the temperature rises. The office background noise becomes awash with groans and phrases like, “The air conditioning is broken again.” Our clothes become more sticky and we start to take our shoes off more frequently on our lunch breaks. Yes, the summer is coming.

As we all know, one the best part of a British summer is leaving Britain for a while. That’s not to say that we do’t like the UK – it’s a fantastic place in spite of all it’s grumbles. However, it is still rather lovely to get away for a bit.

The only problem is that we don’t always have the best reputation when we’re abroad. We often make silly mistakes where we misread culture norms and can sometimes be seen ignorant. In some cases, we’re even seen as the absolute turds of world with our self righteous entitlement to behave how we want when not at home.

Here are ? famous world images that sum up Brits on holiday. Can you spot your self in any of these?




soldier room


please dont feed the animals outside the hotel








loads of times

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