If You Don’t Listen to this Woman, You’re tripping.


I ain’t no fool… But who is she?

If you have ever been to London and used the underground, you will probably know this woman. Perhaps not by her face but rather by her voice.

This is Emma Clarke and she is one of the voices of the London Underground. Perhaps her most famous phrases is, “Please mind the Gap.” She also tells you what the next stop is on the Central Line, but you know where you’re going anyway don’t you? No one has ever gone the wrong way on the underground…

Emma’s clutch over her tone and her ability to accurately articulate British RP is quite astounding. Applaudable even. But if you sit at your computer clapping people may think you’re a little ‘special’. Contrary to your probable belief, Emma is from Cheshire. Her normal speaking voice is rather different to her underground accent.  Received Pronunciation, the standard from of spoken British English that is deemed to be ‘educated’, sounds great especially when it says very un-PC things. Things like this…

This little stunt actually got Emma into a bit of hot water. But it’s worth it for a laugh.

Who reading this would like to hear Emma say “Boner”? Me please!