Soldier Can’t Hide his Frustration at Little Girl Who Stole his Moment.

Sometimes, frustration just erupts out of you.

When you get given the job of saluting and you originally asked to be the one to give the Queen the flowers, it can be difficult to take when you see someone doing the thing you had your heart set on.

queen pic

This soldier, who was at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, was in service as part of the Queen’s ceremony where she honoured the Royal Welsh with new colours.

However, as the Queen made her way through the stadium, she was greeted by little Maisie and was offered some flowers. Maisie smiled, curtsied and the Queen was happy, but someone else clearly wasn’t.

It was later reported that the girl had seen the funny side and was allowed to wear a soldiers had and wield a sword.

Credit where credit is due, this girl took the bump like a champ. She didn’t complain and cry. Not like this guy who makes a meal out of a side salad.

Man up – like that little girl.